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Commodore 64 Repair - 2

C64 with a simple memory fault


Clean C64 with poorly fitted label


Back in the day, I had a Vic20 with a label fitted like this. Quality control at it's best!


Hmmm.. I've seen this sort of fault before..


Check this out.. Keyboard removed, TV switched off.. How do you know if it's still switched on? Ta-da!


Nice and clean inside.. Time to run it up for a bit to see what gets hot.


The piggy back method gives you an educated guess identifying the faulty IC. Just push a known good memory chip over the chip to be tested. If the fault changes/improves, you have a good chance of pin pointing the faulty chip without soldering!


So what are the red dots for.. I mark the chips to identify the original parts. I traced the faulty ram chip using the piggy back method..


Sorry for the lack of photos of this repair, it didn't take me long.. so I just got on with it!.. Anywho, capacitors replaced new memory chip.. Job jobbed!


Wonky label, wonky memory chip. Another happy C64 owner!