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Commodore C64 8K ROM Cartridge PCB

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Commodore C64 8K ROM Cartridge PCB
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Commodore C64 8K ROM Cartridge PCB


Commodore C64 8K ROM Cartridge PCB

PCB now includes Gold Edge connector, preinstalled button, resistors and capacitor.


What is it for?  Well I used them to make DeadTest carts. Ideal for Commodore Diagnostic ROM or things like the 1541 Diag

Need EPROMS? you'll find them here

Tynemouth Software Blog Detailed Installers Guide


Compatible chips:

2764 27C64 28C64

27128 27C128

27256 27C256 28C256*

27512 27C512

* Tie A14 high due to non-standard pinout, select ROM with A13 and A15

PCB Fits TFW8b stumpy C64 case as well as orginal Commodore Case

** Correction ** EXROM/GAME are reversed on the silkscreen. Hence the sticker! Commodore C64 8k ROM PCB




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