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 UPDATE 23/08/17 - OK, so watch this space. Maybe just maybe 1 or 2 more for Xmas 2017

UPDATE 12/11/15 - One or Two more C64p may be released to the wild for Christmas.

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Hey, I've been working on this for a very long time.. But at last, it is finished!

My aim was the build a C64DTV based laptop that looks like the real deal, not a bodgy mod!

So here it is a Commodore C64p Laptop.

This page includes pictures of prototypes as well as the "Retail version"


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 C64p v1.2 listed on ebay 30/11/14

Prototype 1.. Silver/Red Plastics.. Black Keyboard


Main differences between prototype 1 and 2..

Touchpad now works as a 1530 mouse (joystick mode) in port 2
Volume is now a wheel on the back of the chassis rather a knob sticking out of the left.
Power/Mouse/Amp/Charge now all installed on custom PCB - See prototype page
Soft-on Soft-off Button
Custom Bootmenu (Thanks to CBM Filebrowser)
User selectable 4:3/16:9
Reset button

Differences between "Retail" and prototype 2..

The "Retail" version also includes infrared remote to adjust screen functions
Joystick port 2 can be used to update the firmware of the C64DTV
Status LED's - Orange/Charge Blue/SD2IEC Green/Power-on
Colour Fix applied to C64DTV
Caps/Num/Scroll lock LED's do not function. (Limitation of C64DTV)
Improved amplifier, power and managed charge circuits.
External IEC/Disk/Printer port.



Prototype 2 - White chassis


More info...

The C64p starts off as two products. The well known C64DTV and a lesser known nasty little netbook/laptop.

The good news is, all of the internals of the donor netbook get scrapped. The original chargers have been binned (oh they are so dangerous). Even the TFT screen has been replaced.

Only the chassis and battery remain from the donor. A new 7" TFT is installed, along with an SD2IEC, Keyboard interface and 3 custom PCB's including the sexy one that does the charging, AMP, power and best of all the 1530 joystick mode mouse. The original netbook charger/PSU is replaced by a ASUS unit.

Custom firmware is applied to the C64DTV giving users access to a choice of KERNAL's and some DTV tuned games. You can exit the menu into BASIC mode and load your own programs via the built in SD2IEC.

So, what can you do with one of these...

Play games, show off.. Be cool. ;)

One of the sexy-est things.. GEOS.. Oh yeah, GEOS on a train journey.. Better than swiping at an iFondle.. Fruit ninja? nahh.. How about Bubble Bobble, with a Joystick! Or Arkanoid II using the touchpad!! ;)

Anything else??

Well, I should mention that if you are not familiar with the C64DTV you need to know that it isn't 100% compatible with the C64. You'll find plenty of stuff does work well, and even some programs that have been tuned to preform better on a DTV than a real 64. A C64DTV can display more colours than the original C64 (256), and it also has more memory (2mb).. it's even possible to accessed it and used as a REU.

And finally..

Production of these will be extremely limited. They take a heck of a long time to make.. and donor C64DTV (PAL) are in short supply. Don't try and outbid me on ebay!!

The first 5 units are completed.. If you joined the mailing list, you might well own one!.. Number 5 will be on Ebay soon.
<EDIT - First batch sold LONG ago.. Next batch before Xmas 2014>



Retail version.. Including Commodore logo.. But some silly sod forgot to remove the silver label on the C64p on the left.


C64p v1 specification

7" TFT (480x234 Pixel) 4:3/16:9 + Infra Red Remote
Mouse pad emulates a 1350 Joystick mode mouse in port 2
Joystick Port x2
IEC (Disk/Printer) Port (Rear)
SD2IEC (Left)
Diskswap button (Left)
SD2IEC button Root/Reset (Left)
Speakers x2
Volume (Rear)
Power/Charge (Rear)
C64dtv Reset (Bottom)
C64dtv firmware upgradable via Joy2
LED - Green - Power
LED - Orange - Charge - Bright full charge rate - Dim trickle charge
LED - Blue - SD2IEC
1800mAh Battery (Runtime approx. 3.5hrs depending on system load)
Audio/Video out (Option, the output isn't switched so the display is dimmed)
100-250vAC Asus Charger

Custom firmware has been applied that supports a number of built in DTV games, plus JiffyDos, Basic and FileBrowser

Colour fix has been applied

Keyboard Twister NG (US) is also fitted

I didn't include a power low indicator in this version.. But the screen will shutdown before the power system shuts off, this at least gives you a chance to get it back onto charge if you are deep into a game! ;)


Bidding has now closed, but if you want to register your interest use the contact page



Creatures II.. Always!


Yes it does support 4:3


Black C64p on the left from the last batch. White C64p is my demo unit from the second batch (I think)


White logo looks ace ;D


Silver label under the display is very hard to make out in this shot.. :(

Norwegian owner unboxing C64p

Sound from C64p very quiet.. I'm guessing he had it turned down.