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  1. Marina 64 - Magic Desk Compatible - 1MB C64 Banked Cartridge PCB

    Marina 64 - Magic Desk Compatible - C64 1MB Banked Cartridge PCB - Multi-buy discount on any combination cartridge cases & PCBs - Click for more details

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  2. SD2PET Future - Second production batch
    SD2PET Future SD Card storage for the Commodore PET Learn More
  3. Penultimate+ Cartridge VIC20 3-35k Memory Expansion + ROMS

    Regular Price: £67.99

    Special Price £59.99

    Penultimate+ Cartridge VIC20 0-32k/35k Ram Expansion + ROMS + DeadTest+

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  4. TFW8b's very own, in house injection moulded C64 Stumpy Cartridge Case

    Commodore C64 Stumpy Cartridge Case - Multi-buy discount on any combination cartridge cases & PCBs - Click for more details. All the colours of the RAINBOW now in stock.

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  5. C64c Style SD2IEC

    Deluxe SD2IEC+ 1541 Floppy Drive Emulation for Commodore Computers, Cased with Diskswap,Reset/Root buttons. C64c style with logo. Improved case design, simply the best quality SD2IEC EVER!. 

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  6. New STUMPY C64 EFLr v5.x
    Epyx Fastload RELOADED - Disk and SD2IEC Turbo loader cartridge C64 and C128 Learn More
  7. MiniPET 4080D - PET Replacement Motherboard includes SD2PET - v1.0

    If your original Commodore PET is broken or in need of an upgrade, this factory assembled PCB is your 8bit dreams come true. The MiniPET 40/80D is THE replacement/upgrade for any* 40 or 80 column PET and also includes a built in SD2PET SD card interface

    The MiniPET 40/80D can also be used standalone. PET Keyboard required

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    Oh No! More Rodmän is a triple title compilation Cartridge (based on the Marina64), including Rodmän, Ms Rodmän and the all new Rodmän Jr+ This cartridge is part of the 9.99* Ragne

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  9. Cheesy Trials - VIC20 (+24k)

    Cheesy Trials - VIC20 (+24k) is part of TFW8b's 499 Cassette Range. If cassettes aren't your thing, we also have a 999 Cartridge Range :D

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  10. Kung Fu Flash - C64 - (v1.2)
    Kung Fu Flash - C64 - ** Micro SD Card Included ** New v1.3 PCB includes Flush Fit USB Port (available in all colours) Learn More

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