Got a C64, VIC20 or ZX Spectrum? Well, we’ve got the hardware for you! The Future was 8bit.. 8bit things, done better! ;D And yes, we do ship worldwide!

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  1. divMMC Future - SD Flash card reader for Sinclair ZX Spectrums

    Regular Price: £79.99

    Special Price £69.99

    divMMC Future SD Card interface for the ZX Spectrum Optional SD Card includes ESXDOS 0.8.9 + Bob Fossils Browser Learn More
  2. Kung Fu Flash - C64 - (v1.2)
    Kung Fu Flash - C64 - ** Micro SD Card Included ** New v1.3 PCB includes Flush Fit USB Port (available in all colours) Learn More
  3. SD2BBC SPI SD Card Interface
    SD2BBC - SD Card interface for BBC B / BBC Master and Master Compact Updated connectors and now Includes FREE SD-MMC Card. Learn More
  4. Penultimate+ Cartridge VIC20 3-35k Memory Expansion + ROMS

    Regular Price: £67.99

    Special Price £59.99

    Penultimate+ Cartridge VIC20 0-32k/35k Ram Expansion + ROMS + DeadTest+

    Learn More
  5. Cheesy Trials - VIC20 (+24k)

    Cheesy Trials - VIC20 (+24k) is part of TFW8b's 499 Cassette Range. If cassettes aren't your thing, we also have a 999 Cartridge Range :D

    Learn More
  6. SD2PET Future - Second production batch
    SD2PET Future SD Card storage for the Commodore PET Learn More
  7. TFW8b's very own, in house injection moulded C64 Stumpy Cartridge Case

    Commodore C64 Stumpy Cartridge Case - Multi-buy discount on any combination cartridge cases & PCBs - Click for more details. All the colours of the RAINBOW now in stock.

    Learn More
  8. C64c Style SD2IEC

    Deluxe SD2IEC+ 1541 Floppy Drive Emulation for Commodore Computers, Cased with Diskswap,Reset/Root buttons. C64c style with logo. Improved case design, simply the best quality SD2IEC EVER!. 

    Learn More
  9. New STUMPY C64 EFLr v5.x
    Epyx Fastload RELOADED - Disk and SD2IEC Turbo loader cartridge C64 and C128 Learn More
  10. MiniPET 4080D - PET Replacement Motherboard includes SD2PET - v1.0

    Regular Price: £299.99

    Special Price £279.99

    If your original Commodore PET is broken or in need of an upgrade, this factory assembled PCB is your 8bit dreams come true. The MiniPET 40/80D is THE replacement/upgrade for any* 40 or 80 column PET and also includes a built in SD2PET SD card interface

    The MiniPET 40/80D can also be used standalone. PET Keyboard required

    Learn More

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