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divMMC ESXDOS Flasher Cassette

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divMMC ESXDOS Flasher Cassette

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Bricked your divMMC? No way of reloading it via TAP file?
You might find this handy.
Now shipping as 0.8.8 & 0.8.9


 divMMC ESXDOS Flasher tape

 Its not often we get asked for help reflashing our own divMMC Future.. After all you don't normally reflash something that already works. But if you did power off your divMMC Future during an upgrade. Or if you own a an offbrand divMMC, you may from time to time have 'issues' that can only be fixed by reflashing.

 Now, of course.. In normal operation you can load the new ESXDOS file (see ESXDOS.ORG) via the divMMC, just load the file then pop out the SD card to enable reflash. But If you have bricked it, you'll need to load the TAP file from another source.

This is all very well and good if you have what you need to do this. But if you don't have an 'App and a cable' or a way of creating your own cassette to read in via a normal cassette player.. Well yeah, you guessed it.. You'll need to get someone to do it for you.

To use this tape, simply disable your divMMC (Future, just pop out the SD card.. others all kinds of funny jumpers and switches.. so you'll need to RTFM that). Then load the version of ESXDOS you require from the correct side of the tape. And press a key to make it start reflashing, then wait for the 0.3.5 OK message). Then turn off your machine, insert SD card to re-enable the divMMC Future (switches, twisted wire, wet string on other devices probably) ;D  - And you should be good to go


Obv's this won't fix a Brroken divMMC. It'll only reflash the firmware

ESXDOS distribution files are available via ESXDOS.ORG 

This cassette is being provided to help users and are priced at a nominal fee. Tape colours picked at random.

The cassette may not come supplied in a Case or Case may be cracked.

Shipping - TFW8b uses a combination of services from DHL, Royal Mail & Deutsche Post. Click for more info - Tracked Worldwide from only £7.49



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