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SD2IEC & divMMC Future software packs, include ALL tfw8b User Guides

Format your SD Card before unpacking files DIRECTLY to SD card to preserve file structure

If you have any issues use the Offical SD Card Formatting tool


SD2IEC / SD2BBC / divMMC Future - Lite Software pack

Includes all you need to get up and running for both Commodore, Sinclair & PET Users (Same content as PRELOADED SD)
File structure ready to be filled with your favorite games, plus TFW8b product user guides and demos


If your divMMC Future was dispatched after 25/1/2020 you'll need the file '087' pack below (ESXDOS 0.8.7)

Lite - SD Card combo pack (087) -    .ZIP    /    Self Extracting 7zip

divMMC Future's shipped after 28/5/2018 - were pre-installed with ESXDOS 0.8.6, so you'll need the '086' unless you have already updated

div's purchased before 28/5/18 had 0.8.5 pre-installed. I suspect most of you have already updated to 0.8.6/7

Lite - SD Card combo pack (086) -    .ZIP    /    Self Extracting 7zip

 CBM-Filebrowser v1.6 (included in the download packs)

 Software pack includes exclusive TFW8b.com 10 level demo of GalenciaPond Software Demos - Complete games, Rescuing Orc by @reidrac, Frogs & Shotgun from Dr Wuro and of course RodMan by Misfit

If you have games you wish to share contact us

SD2BBC - Download Pack (BEEB.MME file should be placed into root empty SD Card)

TFW8b product info TFW8b Product Guides











If you really want a lot of content - bloated 'files collected from internet' 

Combo Pack



 Unpack files DIRECTLY to SD card to preserve file structure