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SD2IEC PCB Ribbon Connection


SD2IEC Connections

From this image you should get the general idea on how to install a SD2iec into most of the Commdore computers.


SD2IEC solder connections points for a C64/C64c
Why not use a real disk drive to house your SD2IEC, you can figure out where to mount it, front or side or even via one of the vents.
SD2IEC solder connection for a 1541


SD2IEC v1.2x - Connecting Next Disk and Reset/Root buttons

 A few of you have ask me how to fit disk swap and reset buttons to the SD2IEC.

Disk swap is easy, just put a push switch over Pins one and two of the header. For reset, you should add a couple of components. You'll need a 100nf capacitor and a 330ohm - 1k ohm resistor (1k recommended). These should be soldered as in the image above, and a tap wire needs to be taken from point shown.

The Black button is Reset, and the Red is the disk swap button.

Red connects Pins 1 and 2, and Black connects 2 and the tap from the other side of the PCB.

If the additional components are a bit much faff.. Remember, clicking the SD card in and out will take it back to its root directory.

Header pin outs


1 Disk Swap

2 Ground

3 Reserved

4 LED (Red)

5 Ground

6 LED (Green)

7 Ground

8 ID 8/9

9 Ground

10 ID 10/11