The Future was 8bit

Repair Request

Can't fix it yourself? Want someone else to do it?
Firstly, maybe you CAN fix it yourself? Why not check out my forums for info/advice?
I'm happy to announce I've teamed up with Tynemouth Software to help with repairs. Between the two of us, we can cover just about anything from the 8bit era and beyond. And best of all this means you have access to probably one of the best Commodore PET dudes on the planet.
It's just about impossible to list prices here. Each machine is different, some are dead simple with easily accessible parts, and some the complete opposite. You'll find some part prices below for the C64 to give you an idea though.

Memory Chips @ £4-£7.50 each
Rom Chips @ £3-£10 each
CPUs @ £2-20 each
SID Chips @ £15-£30
SuperPLA @ £21.00
Other Custom Chips @ £5-£50 each

Capacitor Replacement (highly recommended) @ £10
Typical Labour costs @ £25-£45

If you have something you'd like to save from landfill.. Use the contact me page and we'll get back to you.