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WORK IN PROGRESS!! 25/5/19 - Latest Updates / Products News

25/05/19 Product News - So what’s going on at TFW8b towers? Well, a heck of a lot.

NEW Thing: SD2PET+ & SD2PET Future

SD Card interfaces for the Commodore PET machines. Hang on… Two versions? Yep, I know!. The SD2PET+ is similar to SD2IEC's that I already build. It looks like a real 2031 LP style drive and has extra features via the physical buttons. Whereas the SD2PET Future is the 'cost reduced version', that'll hide behind your PET, never to be seen again but has an LED indictor and drive reset button ;D

Both SD2PET+ and SD2PET Future are discounted while on pre-order. It's getting tight now, but we are still aiming to ship end of Q2 2019

Another New Thing: SD2BBC

Speaking of SD Card interfaces, the SD2BBC. Following in the same formula as our SD2IEC we are happy to add to our ever growing list of retro things a simple SD Card interface for BBC B/BBC Master/BBC Master Compact. In production as I type, Pre-Order now.

Updated Thing: SD2IEC+

Adding +'s to things is good right? Well you may have already noticed, but the SD2IEC has gained a plus! What’s an SD2IEC+ ?? Basically it's our lasted tried and tested SD2IEC in v5 form, but soon owners of SD2IEC+ drives will be able to choose between standard SD2IEC firmware and our own in house SD2IEC+ firmware. The new firmware is being been spun out of some of the magic at the heart of the SD2PET devices :D More info as our testing continues.

Click here for the SD2IEC/SD2IEC+ Info page

Another Thing: USERPORT SAVER – SD2IEC Power Adaptor

Created for those of you that like to plug as many things as possible into your trusty Commodore! It includes a USERPORT pass-through and space for an IDC header. 5v SD2IEC cassette port header, so you can use your cassette drive at the same time as your SD2IEC. And now, the updated version also includes a 5vDC monitor for peace of mind.

Updated Thing: Penultimate+ Cartridge (VIC20) – DeadTest+

The PU+ for the VIC20 has had a recent update to include DeadTest+. DeadTest+ tests your VIC20’s RAM and ROMS and is ideal for soak testing. This function can be found via the PU+ menu or by holding down the MENU button at startup for 10 seconds.

Thing-k Pink: Commodore C64 & VIC20 Cartridge cases

Just in, Pink.. Yes PINK C64 cartridge cases! Totally smashing colour if I do say so myself. We've also added Clear to the standard SX64 Grey and SX64 Blue C64 case line up. And not forgetting the Clear and Black VIC20 Cartridge cases.