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Mini PET KIT - Build your own PET

Mini PET KIT - Build your own PET

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Standalone MiniPET Kit, now with optional deluxe keyboard, 100-250vac 9v DC PSU included. You'll find the PET replacement mainboard MiniPET internal kit here.



Mini PET (A) - Standalone DIY Computer KIT

(Updated Oct 2020) - Now with optional Deluxe Chiclet style keyboard - Replacement PET Motherboard available here

If you don't want to build any of our kits. You'll find the pre-assembled MINIPET or Minstrels here


A fully functional 6502 based computer, compatible with a Commodore PET 2001N-32 (3032/4032*).

One quarter of the size and the tenth of the power consumption!

40x25 text mode outputs to PAL/NTSC composite video or can drive PET 9" or 12" monitors

Full IEEE-488 port, User port and one datasette port (Second port via Pin Header)

Onboard piezo buzzer as found on later PETs.

32K RAM, 28K ROM, selectable BASIC 1/2/4 with support for normal or business** keyboard.

Uses all new, currently in production parts, including WDC 65C02S CPU and W65C21N/22N IO chips.

All parts are through hole for easy assembly. High quality turned pin sockets provided for all ICs.

Updated Keyboard:

The optinal Deluxe Chiclet Keyboard has now replaced the legacy basic keyboard. It really does Look and feel the part :D


SD2PET SD card disk drive, the ideal companion to either kit. Fast loading of PRG files of D64/D80/D82 disk image files from SD card.

If you require a replacement mainboard to fit in PET case, uses the PETs power supply, keyboard, monitor. Powered by your original PET power supply (5 pin or 9 pin). Suitable replacement for 2001/2001N/30xx/40xx PET cases, also 80xx and 80xx-SK but will still be 40 column output. You'll need the Mini-Internal

Photos / videos may show earlier revisions of this product. 

* This is based on 2001N PET technology, 40 column text/character graphics. It does not have the CRTC chip in later 12" monitor PETs.

** Most early PET software was designed for the normal/graphics keyboard (20 key keypad), so any titles which bypass the OS keyboard routines may not work correctly with the business keyboard (11 key keypad). It is possible to support a VIC20/C64 keyboard via an alternate ROM, but this is not recommended as some keys are missing or labelled differently.

Exclusive to the MINI PET ships with a BLUE LED and DIP Switches  #FACT

Tynemouth Software Mini-PET Blog Post


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