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Minstrel - PCB

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Minstrel - PCB

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Minstrel - Bare pre 2.8 PCB Clearance


Minstrel 2 PCB

The Minstrel is a fully compatible ZX80 clone with 16k RAM that can run the original 4K ROM BASIC, or the later ZX81 style 8K ROM BASIC.


 What makes it special? It is built in the form factor of the ZX81, so can be used as a replacement board for a broken ZX81. The design follows the original ZX80 design with only a few changes. The RAM has been upgraded to 16K, and the ROM socket can take a 2764-27512 EPROM with 1 to 8 ROM images which are jumper selectable. The video output has been improved and is now a composite video signal rather than the version generated by the original ZX80 and early ZX81 boards which were missing one part which affected the black level on modern TVs.

All parts are through hole, so assembly should be straightforward. It can be used with the original ZX80 4K BASIC ROM or the later ZX81 like 8K BASIC ROM. Note these issue 2 boards do not have the NMI based slow mode, so are not fully ZX81 compatible. The video output composite video, and is jumper selectable between the PAL and NTSC.

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Designed & produced by Dave Curran


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