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Misc Oric Repairs

Oric Computers are generally quite a safe bet unlike the Commdore +4

The most common problems are..

Keyboard headers, broken voltage regulator and faulty memory.

Oric voltage regulator

If your Oric shows no sign off life, check out the regulator. This one has let out its magic smoke.. Can you see the crack?

Oric voltage regulator

Replacement 5v regulator. Make sure the heatsink is isolated from the tracks!

Oric voltage regulator

If you think a Speccy can get warm, you've got no bloody idea!.. Standard cooling isn't up to the job. Frankly you must add more metalwork to the regualtor on the underside of the PCB. Either a heatsink like this, or some custom copperwork.

Be very carefull it doesn't touch the bottom of the keyboard or you'll get a short.

Oric Memory

If your Oric fails to "boot". Piggy back a working 4164 on top of the exsisting memory chips. Unlike a Spectrum, it's unlikely that more than one chip would have failed. In this machines case, it was two ;D

Oric 1 or Atmos?

Something else.. Quite often, you'll find an Oric Atmos with an Oric-1 PCB. Now, all Atmos have the same PCB as an Oric-1. The difference is in the roms. This machine really was just a knackered old Oric-1 in an Atmos case.

Oric 1 or Atmos?

So frankly, the easiest thing to do, is burn a couple of replacement roms. The real Atmos would have one 27128 type chip. But to save messing around it's just as simple to split the rom across two 2764's