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LIMITED EDITION Genuine recycled C64c plastic Cased SD2IEC+

LIMITED EDITION Genuine recycled C64c plastic Cased SD2IEC+

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4 Item(s)

An essential purchase!
What a brilliant product! It’s amazing that you can buy such a polished piece of kit for a computer that’s nearly 40 years old. The fact that it’s made from recycled C64C cases is a lovely touch. This is an essential purchase for anyone who owns or wants to buy a C64C. Do yourself a favour and get this, the Fastload Cartridge and you may as well splash out a few extra quid and get the pre-loaded SD cars. Seriously, I am in love with this and cannot thank you enough for your dedication to our old 8 bit computers. Review by Doug / (Posted on 06/07/2018)
An indispensable complement.
Fantastic complement for your C64. It emulates almost perfectly a disk drive, except in rare cases of games with special protection. It gives a new life to your computer for a ridiculous price. It is built with a lot of quality, and the handling is very simple. Highly recommend your purchase, no doubt. Thank you for creating a great product! Review by Jose Luis / (Posted on 14/02/2017)
Best thing since ..
I have two of these... YES, thats right two. One for my C64's and one for my Vic 20 (Yes my Vic is spoiled to have one all of its own.

Quick and simple to setup, instructions are all there. Aside from that it looks the NUTS next to my 64c in the correct colour.

Be you a newbie to the world of Retro and reliving your youth or a serious retro-head, if you dont have one of these then you need to get one now! Review by @Sanxion / (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Brilliant, buy it now.
I was lucky enough to get one of these for Christmas (actually, result of a lot of hints to the missus ;)). It's a fab piece of kit - the build quality is amazing, it looks beautiful. I got the pre-loaded SD card too, and it's just chock full of goodies. It's a real must have item for your C64, I can't recommend it more. Review by retrotap / (Posted on 02/01/2017)

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