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divMMC Future - Sinclair ZX Spectrum

divMMC Future - Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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8 Item(s)

ZX Spectrum hoy

El mejor periférico que se puede tener para un ZX Spectrum.Inmejorable. Review by Adán Manuel / (Posted on 29/01/2018)
DivMMC Future
I purchased the DivMMC future late ish Friday and still received it the next day using it was very simply as I did not buy the pre loaded SD card but it took less then 10 mins to set up my card with games plugged it into my +2 and yeah just worked straight away! It's very easy to use and looks amazing very very happy with it. Thank you :) Review by Mark / (Posted on 30/10/2017)
Loaded some games on the card, plugged it in and done! Works like a charm! Professional piece of hardware, with a very nice enclosure. Highly recommended for any Speccy fan. Review by Marcel_X / (Posted on 09/08/2017)
The Spectrum add-on!
The literal definition of plug-and-play. Plugged it in, turned on my Spectrum and I was good to go. Other than transferring my software there was nothing to it. An amazing device, from an amazing bunch of people. If you have a Spectrum just place your order... Review by risc / (Posted on 06/07/2017)
Superb piece of kit.
Superb! Small, great build quality, looks fantastic, does the job, no messing. Review by Jamie / (Posted on 28/04/2017)
The essential modern-day Spectrum peripheral
The DivMMC Future is the biggest jump in authentic Spectrum retro gaming since I was transferring games 20 years ago using serial cables hooked to a PC (blowing up my PC with some TV static shock in June '97). What tempted me however was this was created not only by people with a passion for retro, but perfection in design and compatibility. It's a beautifully small piece of kit with just a SD card slot and a Kempston/Atari joystick port. You just provide the Spectrum - any Spectrum. No other configuration required. Much better than playing on an emulator, and will last much longer than your cassettes ever will. Review by JLM / (Posted on 19/04/2017)
Top notch piece of kit
Bloody marvellous! Review by @Geezerd205 / (Posted on 18/04/2017)
Looked at the Enjoy and glad I looked into the Future instead!
Top quality, no jumpers. Transforms the humble Speccy into the machine it always should have been. I would recommend getting the PSU as your Speccy sat collecting dust will no doubt will have a dead PSU if your pulling out of the loft. TOP TIP: Don't forget the years of gunk built up on the edge connector. Clean with some IPA or worst case a pencil eraser on the contacts. Most will not work first time with out a good clean connection.

Review by Tim / (Posted on 18/04/2017)

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