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Deluxe Composite Video Mod Kit- Atari 2600/7800

Product Review (submitted on 9 February 2022):
Ordered this upgrade after rediscovering the 'light sixer' my parents consigned to the loft in the early '80s, and finding that it was still in working order, but getting a contemporary TV to tune to its RF output was too much of a chore.

The upgrade itself is a small, neat, completely self-contained unit which requires the removal of a few components and the supplied wires to be soldered in. Bearing in mind my soldering skills aren't great, I had to trouble fitting it (getting the old components out was another story!).

I found that the results yielded by attaching the wires to the motherboard, per the photograph/instructions provided, were less than optimal. Consequently, I ended up attaching all but the Audio wire to the points on the switch board where the RF unit used to be - with that done, the picture quality was vastly improved.

Really looking forward to reacquainting myself with this ancient console, which I hadn't used in about 40 years but have many fond memories of.