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MiniPET 40/80D - Replacement PET Motherboard (Includes SD2PET)

Product Review (submitted on 22 March 2022):
I have a PET 8032 that was mostly working, although when it booted there was some kind of problem I suppose with the ROM or something that caused it to boot to some non-BASIC prompt. I let it sit for many years and then happened upon a review of the MINIPET kit and that drew my attention to this site. While I didn’t want to try to build a MINIPET, I noticed the MINIPET 40/80D replacement PET motherboard. It was ideal for me, as it not only would take care of my problem easily but also let me try different PET options and included the SD2PET card drive so that I could run my PET without a disk or tape drive. I received it today. It was super simple to replace my PET motherboard with this one. I didn’t have to change anything inside the computer. And now it is working well! The hardest part was accessing the screws on the motherboard at the back of the case, as there isn’t a lot of space, but once I found the right screwdriver the replacement couldn’t be easier.