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PenUltimate Cartridge VIC20 3k 8k 16k 24k 32k 35k Ram Pack + Roms

Product Review (submitted on 17 July 2017):
I've had one of these for a few months now and can honestly say it's been the best thing I ever got for my Vic 20. I now use the Vic far more than ever before due to the ease of access to more games this gives you, both with the games included onboard, and the ability to load other games easily from an SD2IEC. There's a whole world of memory expanded Vic games that this opens up to you also.

I'm using this in the States with an NTSC Vic. The vast majority of the built-in games work absolutely fine with this. There are a couple of the built-in games that glitch out on NTSC but that's simply the case with the original software. Some of those have dedicated NTSC versions available and with an SD2IEC it's simple to load from that so this is no big deal.

The build quality is excellent, you feel you got what you paid for when you hold it in your hand, and it fits perfectly and solidly into the Vic's cartridge port. No flexing when you press the buttons on the unit, and they have a satisfying click. If I had one suggestion it would be that the buttons be labeled somehow as I can just never remember which is which. The brown color complements the Vic nicely.

Put simply I've not unplugged this from my Vic since I got it, and I can't see any reason I would in the future.