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PenUltimate+ Cartridge VIC20 3k 8k 16k 24k 32k 35k Ram Pack + Roms

Product Review (submitted on 30 September 2018):
Being a proud owner of the original Penultimate cartridge, I’d thought I would treat myself to the new Penultimate + cartridge. Mine came in a deluxe two tone cartridge case (chocolate brown & radioactive yellow). When it arrived a duly gave it a quick spin on my VIC 20 (The best computer ever! #FACT), well I wasn’t disappointed. It has the same selectable memory expansion and more ROMS than you can shake a stick at, also included are some new TFW8B titles. The new super menu system is an absolute treat and has a nice vintage look to it. Overall I would highly recommend this to any VIC 20 owner.