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Minstrel 3 'Final Edition' - Build your own ZX81

Product Review (submitted on 7 October 2020):
What can I say about the Minstrel 3! Well for starters, it a very well thought out piece of kit. From the packaging all the way up to building this marvellous micro. All the IC's are laid out in order for soldering which makes this kit a breeze. To be absolutely honest I looked at the instructions once, and that was to look at the values for the resistors. Once all this lovely kit has been put together, it work like an absolute dream. From the picture quality to the micro switch keyboard( In my own opinion, works better than a ZX81 keyboard!) is super fantastic! The ZXpand is a must have with this kit also, it comes with its own bespoke ROM and is also easy to put together. The commands for this are simple to remember and overall makes the Minstrel 3 a fun little micro to play about with. If I could give this product a millions stars I would, because it really does deserve it! ;)