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SD2IEC Commodore 1541 Disk Emulation

SD2IEC Commodore 1541 Disk Emulation

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Regular Price: £45.99

Special Price £42.99



SD2IEC 1541 Disk Emulation

With DiskSwap and Reset/Root buttons.

 ** NEW IMPROVED custom moulded high quality Grey case with logo! **

** Bootloader & v0.10.3 firmware pre-installed **
 ** Firmware upgradable via SDcard - sw2-m1284p **

Supports JiffyDos, Geos, Final Cartridge III, Exos, TurboDisk, Epyx FastLoad, Speeddisk and Dreamload Fastloaders.

Compatible with D64,D71,D81,M2I and PRG file formats

LOAD and SAVE the same as a real disk drive

These units are defaulted to drive 8. EG.. LOAD"$",8 - Drive ID can be changed via BASIC 

User guide included

** New v2.11 PCB & Atmega 1284p**
The case colour is darker than Bread Bin Grey, but does look good! Looks great with SX64. The buttons are translucent and show the SD2IEC status. Reset/Root button resets the SD2IEC and not the computer. 

Need some files to get yourself going? Download the.. 
SD card starter pack 
and unpack to a formatted SD card

Worldwide shipping £3.50

  Connector options: 

C16/Plus4 – PS/2 style cassette connector – C16/Plus4 Only

Vic/64/128 – Flat cassette connector – Vic20/64/64c/128/128D rear cassette port (NEW MOULDED CONNECTOR!!)

C16/Plus4/Vic/64/128 – PS/2 and Flat cassette connectors - Vic20/64/64c/128/128d(r)/C16/Plus4

Userport Powered – Userport connector - Vic20/64/64c/SX64/128/128d/Plus4

Userport Powered + C16 – Userport and PS/2 style connector - Vic20/64/64c/SX64/128/128d/Plus4/C16

USB Powered – Externally powered, but you’ll need to supply your own PSU. 4.5v-6v 150ma 2.1mm DC plug centre positive – Includes 2.1mm/USB Converter

SD2IEC firmware is available as Gnu Public License v2

Visit and may I suggest donate to the SD2IEC firmware author/developer Ingo Korb

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