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SD2IEC Classic v1.x Pinouts

SD2IEC Classic v1.x info


This product needs to be housed inside a protective case. It's not a good idea to handle bare PCB's connected directly to your classic computer. Static kills!

Feel free to send me any pictures of your installations. I'll post the best of them here!

 SD2IEC Classic connections TOP

Pinouts TOP

 SD2IEC Classic connections BOTTOM

Pinouts BOTTOM

 SD2IEC Classic connections C64 PCB

C64 PCB IEC Data Connection


Minimum connections


Next, Pervious and Root/Reset



Securing your SD2IEC Classic..

Personally, I use sticky pads or Velco for devices like this. If your C64 dies, you'll want to transplant it. HOT glue is another good way of securing your SD2IEC Classic, but be careful not to get glue into the SD socket. Don't flood the read/write switch on the side.


Tynemouth Software Guide to installing SD2IEC Classic into VIC20

And another TMSW guide, this time installing inside a C64c