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SD2IEC+ (VIC20/C64c/C128 light grey)

SD2IEC+ (VIC20/C64c/C128 light grey)

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Deluxe SD2IEC+ 1541 Floppy Drive Emulation for Commodore Computers, Cased with Diskswap,Reset/Root buttons. C64c style with logo. Improved case design, simply the best quality SD2IEC EVER!. 

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Regular Price: £59.99

Special Price £44.99



SD2IEC+ 1541 Disk Emulation With DiskSwap and Reset/Root buttons.


NEW IMPROVED Custom moulded high quality C64c/C128/C128D/Vic20 style case with logo!

Supports JiffyDos, Geos, Final Cartridge III, Exos, TurboDisk, Epyx FastLoad, Speeddisk and Dreamload Fastloaders.

Compatible with D64,D71,D81,M2I and PRG file formats

LOAD and SAVE files the same you would with a real disk drive

Defaulted to drive 8. EG.. LOAD"$",8 - Drive ID can be changed via BASIC

User guide included

*NEW* v5 PCB with Atmega 1284p

Bootloader & Latest firmware pre-installed

Firmware upgradable via SDcard - sw2-m1284p

Case colour was chosen after studying many old Commodore products. It's not a perfect match but it is in keeping with the C64c,Vic20 and peripherals. Sparked finished polycarbonate. Reset/Root button resets the SD2IEC and not the computer. Status LED's visable via buttons.


Need some files to get yourself going? Download the Lite SD card starter pack and unpack directly to a formatted SD card

Shipping - TFW8b uses a combination of services from DHL, Royal Mail & Deutsche Post. Click for more info - Tracked Worldwide from only £7.49 

Connector options:

Vic/64/128 – Flat cassette connector – Vic20/64/64c/128/128D rear cassette port

Userport Powered – Userport connector - Vic20/64/64c/SX64/128/128d/Plus4

USB Powered (Custom order not shipped from stock) – Externally powered, but you’ll need to supply your own PSU

Optional Pre-Loaded SD Card Contains our Lite-Combo pack

SD2IEC firmware is available as Gnu Public License v2
Visit and may I suggest donate to the SD2IEC firmware author/developer Ingo Korb

TFW8b SD2IEC+ firmware is currently in alpha - SD2IEC+ ship with standard SD2IEC firmware - More info soon

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Get One of These!
I've just received my SD2IEC and I'm impressed by every thing about it. First, it arrived lightning fast which, in these times of difficulty in shipping, is an astounding and pleasant result. Next is the absolute quality of this device! Incredible attention to detail in the product and in the documentation included with the device. Finally, the functionality of the device is fantastic. Yes, I have a collection of "real" 1541 and 1571 drives for my growing collection of C64/128s and the purist in my enjoys using them but, let's face it, they are slow and the disks are dubious some 40 years later. The SD2IEC allows enjoyment of the C64/128 and the preservation of the "real" drives. Brilliant product in every regard! Review by Michael / (Posted on 27/01/2022)
Perfect for what it is - mini hard drive
Excellent little device! It acts as a mini hard drive for your c64 that stores its data to an sd card. You can use it to run games and also programs/tools. One very useful program ia DraCopy which allows you to write programs/games to a floppy disk from the sd2iec sd card. This device isnt compatible with 100% of programs but if you have a floppy drive and this device, along with one or more floppy disks, and the enitre c64 disk library is at your fingertips. Review by Michael / (Posted on 27/08/2021)
Got a 64? Get this!
If you had a C64 when you were young, you'll remember the waiting for the games to load from cassette.

This can be even more "fun" now if you're lucky enough to have a working C64 and hope that your old collection of tapes still work everytime you fish them out of the cupboard and the head alignment on the datasette isn't off.

This cool gadget does away with all that and lets you play your favourite games without all the hassle.

So glad I got this and wish I'd had this all those years ago.
Review by CJ / (Posted on 05/09/2018)
This SD2IEC is where it's at!
This is seriously one of the coolest items that you could ever get for the C64 or 128. Forget 30-year-old disks, forget elderly, 40MB hard drives... this gives you the best of all of those worlds in a solid state package.

Sure, SD2IECs have been around for a while, but what sets this one apart is the build quality. This thing feels like it would have been something that Commodore would've made, if they were still around and still doing anything with their 8-bit lineup. From the quality cabling, to the excellent construction, to the LEDs that work just like a real drives... right down to the little sticker on the front that says "Commodore." The textures and colors match, the SD card clicks into and out of place. And it SCREAMS with the Epyx Fastload Reloaded.

This is not a half-assed product, and is something I HIGHLY recommend for everyone that still uses a Commodore 8-bit machine. Review by AJH / (Posted on 03/01/2017)

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