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Commodore PET

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  1. Commodore PET ROM RAM
    Commodore PET ROM RAM Learn More
  2. SD2PET Future - Second production batch

    Regular Price: £80.00

    Special Price £64.99

    SD2PET Future SD Card storage for the Commodore PET Learn More
  3. MiniPET 40/80

    MiniPET 40/80 Standalone Computer Kit - PRE-ORDER (Batch 3 - Final Edition?) Includes PSU & Perspex - Batch 3 shipping in Jan 2022. *Information here is subject to change*

    Learn More
  4. MiniPET 4080D - Production Prototype

    If your original Commodore PET is broken or in need of an upgrade, this factory assembled PCB is your 8bit dreams come true.

    The MiniPET 40/80D is THE replacement/upgrade for any* 40 or 80 column PET and also includes a built in SD2PET SD card interface

    !PRE-ORDER NOW! - Shipping Q1 2022

    Learn More
  5. Cheese & Chive (PET 32k - 80 Column)

    Cheese & Chive (PET 32k 80col) is part of TFW8b's 499 Cassette Range. If cassettes aren't your thing, we also have a 999 Cartridge Range :D

    Learn More

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5 Item(s)