Good news!! TFW8b does indeed ship worldwide! EU 27 Taxes Paid :D - The Future was 8bit.. 8bit things, done better ;D

4.99 Cassette Range

As a follow up to our 9.99* Cartridge Range, we now bring you the 499 Cassette Range.

Long long ago, pre-covid, the 499 Range was kicked off. Since then, everything closed, everything got harder to do.. But finally just before the 2nd wave, we’ve got enough cassettes to launch with. ;D We’ve got a few more titles ‘in the bag’ and we are hoping to partner up with even more coders over the next few months (for both 499 & 999). 499 Cassettes are created on our own in-house digital mastering do-dar. I’ll do a blog post on it one day, it’s a crazy machine! All formats covered, as long as nobody never ever mentions Atari.

Are you a programmer? Why not submit your own game via the email address below.