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Pentagorat (2016) - VIC20 +32k - Misfit

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Pentagorat (2016) - VIC20 +32k - Misfit

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Pentagorat (2016) - VIC20 +32k - Misfit - Mika Keranen


Pentagorat (2016) - Misfit - VIC20 +32k


An isometric adventure for Commodore VIC-20 ( +32k extra memory ) .

You wake up and you cannot remember where you are.. you are a prisoner of the castle of Pentagorat.

Tested : VICE (PAL/NTSC), Real VIC-20 (PAL) +32k and of course Real VIC-20 (PAL) +Penultimate Cart

This game is so good, I've treated it to a real cassette with inlay :D

If you don't have a 32k expansion, I recommend the Penultimate Cartridge

Duplicated using professional duplication hardware

Watch me load the master tape and have a quick play via Youtube

Pentagorat - Mika Keranen http://www.riimukivi.net/games/pentagorat.html


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Great game, looking forward to more
A nice game that stretches the VIC20 needing a full 32K to run. Lots of rooms so far, each one with it's own puzzle. Still keep getting killed but going back for more. Takes me back to games like Firebird's Chimera. Can we have more like this please? Review by Harold Meaker / (Posted on 23/12/2016)

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