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Minstrel - ZX80 Clone

Minstrel - ZX80 Clone

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Minstrel - ZX80 Clone

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Minstrel - ZX80 Clone

The Minstrel is a fully compatible ZX80 clone with 16k RAM that can run the original 4K ROM BASIC, or the later ZX81 style 8K ROM BASIC.

ZX81 lacks NMI slow mode

You can buy this as a BARE PCB or a PCB + Parts Kit or Assembled PCB

You can also order a stick on Overlay to make your ZX81 Keyboard look like a ZX80

 Fits into user supplied ZX81 Case - See example photos
Case and keyboard membrane not included


TynemouthSoftware product - Tynemouth Software Linky

Parts / Build  Guide

Designed & produced by Dave Curran


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