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MiniPET 40/80 - Standalone Computer KIT

MiniPET 40/80 - Standalone Computer KIT

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MiniPET 40/80 Standalone Computer Kit - (Batch 3 - Final Edition - FINAL BATCH) Includes PSU & Perspex - Shipping NOW!.
*Information here is subject to change*



Mini PET 40/80

The Mini PET 40/80 is a 6502 based 8 bit single board computer kit with built in keyboard. Includes all the parts required to build a fully working stand alone computer, just supply a suitable TV or monitor (details below)

                    • 32K RAM, 2K Video RAM, 28K ROM (1 of 8 ROM sets)
                    • 1MHz 6502 Processor
                    • Commodore PET compatible
                    • 40 column or 80 column, 25 row monochrome video supporting various video outputs
                         o Composite video (PAL / NTSC) via RCA Phono jack (yellow AV plug)
                         o RGBI / CGA / MDA / Hercules via 9 way D
                         o PET 9” and 12” internal monitors
                    • All new, 0.1” pitch all through hole parts
                    • High quality turned pin sockets included for all ICs
                    • Real hardware with WDC modern equivalents of the 6502, 6520 and 6522 chips
                    • Microcontroller based CRT controller
                    • Built in keyboard with 77 Omron tactile switches
                         o Styled to match PET 2001 chiclet keyboard
                         o Compatible with Normal / Graphics keyboard
                         o Power, Reset, NMI and 40/80 column switches
                    • Spiral bound collector’s edition assembly manual
                         o Technical manual with full schematics available to download
                    • 4 Rear edge connector IO ports
                         o IEEE-488 (high speed parallel bus for SD2PET or other disk drives and printers)
                         o Userport (Commodore PET pinout, not VIC20/C64 compatible)
                         o 2x Datasette port (For SD2PET power, C2N, 1530, PET/VIC20/C64 compatible)
                    • Multiple ROM Options
                         o Custom Mini PET BASIC
                         o Commodore BASIC 1,2,4
                         o Built In File Browser (SD2PET & IEEE Drives)
                         o Built in self diagnostics
                    • Piezo sounder
                    • Perspex kit with baseplate, transparent top cover and all fixings
                    • Jumperless design, controlled by keyboard and DIP switches
                    • Single 9V DC supply with soft power on
                         o 9V DC power supply included (100-240V, UK/US/EU/AU plugs)
                    • Contains no green jelly

This is a self-assembly kit, some experience is required - this is not for the absolute beginner.

                    All being welll, the first batch of kits will might be supplied with one or more of the fantasic titles from the list below:
                    • 3D Monster Maze (the best game for the ZX81 comes to the PET)
                    • Cheese and Chive (the best game for the VIC20 comes to the PET)
                    • Something from Hewco (let’s see if Turbo Rascal can support the PET)
                    • Beans on Toast (a new game from Dave comes to the PET)

We have an review! Check out 'ZX81 Keyboard Adventure's' MiniPET 40/80 Build and review here.

A version of the Mini PET 40/80(D) specifically designed for installation inside a Commodore PET will be available shortly – You'll find the MiniPET 40/80D here. This is a drop in replacement for a faulty board, an upgrade to an earlier unit, or a daily driver while the original board is preserved in working order.

*** Below you'll find videos for the previous version of the MiniPET ***

Me building the previous MiniPet Jul 2020

8Bit Guy Checking out another MiniPET back in 2020

And Mr Look Mum No Computer doing what he does best :D


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Works great, easy to build.
This is a beautiful looking computer, easily worth of its ancestors. The white PCB looks great on my desk, and it's a great conversation piece.

The machine took me maybe 4 hours to build. I was able to get into a rhythm, and everything went together well. The board is well designed, so it's hard to make any of the more common mistakes, as long as you're paying attention to the bill of materials and the markings on the board.

The key switches used on the keyboard are tactile switches, but a little better than the original PET shown on The 8-Bit Guy. These keys are very usable, if only one finger at a time. While I can't touch type on this, that is only because the keys are a little close together. So I decided to add a third party keyboard from TexElec to round out the build.

So far, the system seems to run about half of the programs I've tried. Games are hit-or-miss, with some not working at all and others breaking because this uses the original Graphical keyboard matrix, which is incompatible with the later "B" series.

However, paired with the SD2PET, this is a fantastic intro to 8-bit computing, and I love this machine. Review by Tom W. / (Posted on 21/02/2022)
Great Kit
This is a beautiful kit. It looks as good in reality as on the pictures. It is well thought out and kitted very well. The components are attached to the anti-static foam the same way as they are on the board. The booklet, which is imitating the ring binder Commodore style manuals, like from the C64, is beautiful and very informative. Actually, there is everything important for assembly explained.
The key caps are a paper print on a plastic body with a transparent cover. It is required to have a sharp knife (scalpel, Exacto knife) and a steel ruler for cutting them. There are four prints, so even if you screw up one or the other label, there are enough replacements.

The required skills are, well, I would say, if yu feel safe soldering through hole assemblies, you can do this as well.

What I would wish to have in future revisions:
1. The DIP-Switch should be accessible without unscrewing the cover plate.
2. own option ROM images should be loadable (i know, that is is not easy).
Other than that, this is a perfect product. I like mine a lot! Review by Sven / (Posted on 10/11/2021)

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