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Minstrel 2 - Build your own ZX80

Minstrel 2 - Build your own ZX80

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Minstrel 2 - ZX80 Compatible kit - Includes ZXpand


Minstrel 2

The Minstrel 2 is a ZX80 compatible computer made with modern parts but closely following the original schematic where possible.

The video output has been updated to work better with modern televisions, and the RAM has been upgraded to 16K. The Minstrel 2 can run the original ZX80 4K integer BASIC, or the updated ZX81 style 8K floating point BASIC. Note it does not support the FAST/SLOW mode of the ZX81 - for that see the Minstrel 3.

Comes as a self-assembly kit to build a standalone version with its own keyboard. Overlay PCBs are provided with keywords and graphics symbols for 4K and 8K BASIC. All parts are new and in production through hole components. Kit includes turned pin sockets for the Z80 CPU, ROM and RAM.

Optionally add the Minstrel ZXpand, an SD card storage solution that allows you to load and save to SD card, and adds a Kempston compatible joystick port. 

This is a single board computer designed for standalone use, it will not fit into a ZX81 or ZX80 case.

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