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PenUltimate Cartridge VIC20 3k/8k/16k/24k/32k/35k Ram Pack + Roms

PenUltimate Cartridge VIC20 3k/8k/16k/24k/32k/35k Ram Pack + Roms

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Penultimate Cartridge VIC20 32k/35k Ram Expansion + ROMS

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Regular Price: £64.99

Special Price £59.99



Penultimate Cartridge for the VIC20 - v5.0x

What is it? Just like a Mega-Cart, It's a menu driven cartridge for your VIC20

3-35k selectable memory expansion & 40+ built in ROMS.

If thats not enough..

Press one key and boot to your SD2IEC and load 1000's more ;D

Reset button takes you back to VIC20's last configuation. Menu button launches the penultimate menu.

Check out ChinnyVisions Penultimate cart review for a round up of it's functions

Currently shipping in 2nd edition dark brown case. .

 Now shipping from stock

TFW8b Penultimate Cartridge Page

 TFW8b/TynemouthSoftware product - Tynemouth Software Linky

Designed by Dave Curran, produced and distributed by TFW8b



Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

If you have a VIC you got to get this...
WOW... If you have a VIC20 then you need one of these. It just transforms the use of the computer. No longer do you need to fumble with different memory expansions or flicking dip switces or toggle switches to change the memory for the game you want to play. This truly has it all, all Memory modes at the press of a button.

It also has pre-baked games in the ROM set so you can get quick access to some absolute classics right from the cart directly and in true TFW8B fashion the case looks an absolute peach. I was lucky enough to oder mine and get it packed with some nice original Commodore Logo packing tape on the box. What a nice touch.

If you love your VIC20 and want to take it to the next level then you need one of these. It's a snip at the price to considering if you wanted to trawl through eBay to try and find all the expander carts to get games working, they woud be more than this cart alone.

It's as simple as, if you have a VIC you got to get this :) Review by @Sanxion / (Posted on 03/01/2017)
Simply awesome, the best thing I've ever bought.
Having recently re-discovered my VIC20, I stumbled across this gem of a penultimate cartridge and thought I had to have one. The order was dispatched in time for a super 8 BIT Christmas or maybe it time traveled here from the good old 80's. When it arrived I gave it whirl on my VIC20, simply brilliant. Love all the old games, the menu system works a treat and it's very well designed. Review by Thomass / (Posted on 02/01/2017)

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