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Minstrel 4th - A Jupiter Ace Compatible, Fully assembled and tested. Includes PSU and Cables.

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Minstrel 4th

The Minstrel 4th is a Jupiter Ace compatible computer made with modern parts and able to run Jupiter Ace software and Forth programs.

There is 49K of built in RAM, and the video output has been updated to work better with modern televisions.

Comes as a self-assembly kit to build a standalone version with its own keyboard and an overlay PCB with keywords and graphics symbols. All parts are new and in production through hole components. Kit includes turned pin sockets for the Z80 CPU, ROM and RAM.

The Minstrel 4th is 'designed for RC2014' and can be expanded via an RC2014 bus connector, to make use of all sorts of existing expansion cards. (not included)

Due to the nature of kitted products, we do not guarantee 24/48 shipping. 1-7 working days processing may be required. 

This is a single board computer designed for standalone use, it will not fit into a ZX81/ZX80 or Jupiter case.

Tynemouth Software Blog - What is a Minstrel?


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