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TFW8b 9.99 Ragne

Welcome to the 9.99* Range

As well as games/programs from TFW8b & Misfit, this ragne of semi subsidised cartridges is aimed at the enthusiast/amateur programmer.

So, if you have created something interesting, no matter how simple or sexy, TFW8b will publish it as a physical cartridge for the VIC20 or C64!

*** Things are gonna change here a little. More info as soon as I've typed it in (10/1/20) ***

Wot really? What’s the catch?

Not a lot, you’ll submit a file pack, including software and cover art and we’ll give it a once over and then list it here as pre-order. Once 10 units have been pre-ordered they’ll go into production.

The original creator of the software can also buy cartridges in bulk form should you want to do a ‘big box’ release (I’m thinking of you Kickstarter types) – Bulk 8k/16k cartridges can be purchased at a fixed price of £9.99 as a bare cartridge £12 for 32k. Minimum order, 50 units.

Pricing – Three tier range

Bronze 8/16k £9.99 Basic Cart, with handwritten label

Silver 8/16/32k £14.99 Black/Clear Cartridge with printed sleeve and label

Gold 8/16/32k £19.99 Custom Cart, with printed sleeve and label

Extra Words:

Don’t worry if you have never written a cartridge game before, we can convert your code to run from cartridge. C / BASIC / Assembler as PRG, CRT or BIN files. And it’s worth noting, that our current cartridges are limited to a maximum of 32k (VIC20) or 16K (C64). Compression can be used in some cases to squeeze in more code, so don’t be overly concerned if you are slightly over this limit, because we will review your code.

The original programmer, of course gets a few free cartridges during the test stage as well as a final finished carts when the product is fully live. Depending on the success of the product,. other bonuses items may be worked out later. (We’ve sold enough 'things' to know not everything is a hit!)

Believe it or not, we aren’t doing this to rake in the cash, we simply want more new unique/quirky games out there. And only due our current build/production and scale can we make these cartridges available to all. Not just the average Joe gamer, but the programmers that have never had a physical product release. And you’ll not need to invest in PCB production, EPROM programming, testing, tooling for cases labels sleeves etc etc. We'll do all that for you.

* TFW8b 9.99 Ragne is priced from £9.99

To submit a file email