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TFW8b 4.99 / 9.99 Ragne

Welcome to the 499 / 999 Ragne** :D

Yes, The Future was 8bit brings you the 499 & 999 Range of Cassettes and Cartridges for 8 bit computers.

We are activly looking for new coders to make more stuff Physical, so if you wanna join Hewco and Misfit.
Do get in touch, address at the bottom of the page.

*** Updated 26/08/20) ***

Hang on, did you just say 499?

Yep, a physical cassette in a real case, with an inlay and everyfink for £4.99 retail. Crazy huh

Hand on did you just say 999?

Yep, a physical cartridge in a real case, probably with a sleve, probably priced from £9.99 - Yeah, at some point losing money stops being fun. So some carts do indeed start at £19.99.. they cover the cost of the ones I technically lose money on. (well I say technically, coz my time is free right!?) 

The Magic & Moonbeams

Depending on the job in hand, we have PCB's for the VIC20 for 8-32k Roms and C64 from 8k to 32k as well as 128x8k 1MB Banked Marina 64 Carts.

So if I submit a game, do I get One Million Pounds?

Nope. But I do get to spend the profit (ha) on my solid gold flying speedboat ;D. As it stands, we 'support' our programmers with Green Jelly, TFW8b love support and products. All digital downloads remain in the hands of the programmer. We just aim to pick up a quid or two here and there just to make all this possible.


Well anything really. We've got inhouse hardware that directly masters all our cassets for VIC20 / C16 / C64 / CPC / ZX Spectrum / MSX and more. When it comes to tapes, we'd like to aviod Atari for #Reasons. And don't forget we have in house VIC20 / C64 cartridges with storage for up-to 1mb!

Extra Words:

Don’t worry if you have never written a cartridge game before, we can convert your code to run from cartridge. C / BASIC / Assembler as PRG, CRT or BIN files.

Believe it or not, we aren’t doing this to rake in the cash, we simply want more new unique/quirky games out there. And only due our current build/production and scale can we make these cartridges available to all. Not just the average Joe gamer, but the programmers that have never had a physical product release. And you’ll not need to invest in PCB production, EPROM programming, testing, tooling for cases labels sleeves etc etc. We'll do all that for you.

* TFW8b 9.99 Ragne is priced from £9.99

** The Ragne is an in-joke for about 3 people ;D

To submit a file email