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TFW8b 9.99 Ragne

Welcome to the TFW8b.com 9.99* Range

As well as games/programs from TFW8b & Misfit, this ragne of semi subsidised cartridges is aimed at the enthusiast/amateur programmer.

So, if you have created something interesting, no matter how simple or sexy, TFW8b will publish it as a physical cartridge for the VIC20 or C64!

*** Updated 31/1/20) ***

Wot really? What’s the catch?

Not a lot, you get in touch with us using the email address at the bottom of the page. Submit a file pack, including software, game description and cover art (both optional) and we’ll give it a once over.. then simply make it happen.

The original creator of the software will of course get some free carts as well as a fantastic feeling of smugness that they've had a title released in physical form ;D Also, if the creater wants to buy them in bulk, we can deal with that too.

Pricing – Three tier range

Depending on the 'newness' or features of each title prices will range from £9.99 to £19.99 with £14.99 sitting in the middle. Currently listed as Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Magic & Moonbeams

Depending on the job in hand, we have PCB's for the VIC20 for 8-32k Roms and C64 from 8k to 32k as well as 128x8k 1MB Banked Marina 64 Carts.

Extra Words:

Don’t worry if you have never written a cartridge game before, we can convert your code to run from cartridge. C / BASIC / Assembler as PRG, CRT or BIN files.

Believe it or not, we aren’t doing this to rake in the cash, we simply want more new unique/quirky games out there. And only due our current build/production and scale can we make these cartridges available to all. Not just the average Joe gamer, but the programmers that have never had a physical product release. And you’ll not need to invest in PCB production, EPROM programming, testing, tooling for cases labels sleeves etc etc. We'll do all that for you.

* TFW8b 9.99 Ragne is priced from £9.99

To submit a file email