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TFW8b Product Warranty


At the Future was 8bit we pride ourselves in our products build quality. The offshoot of this means we get very few product returns, which is nice :D


Because of this, for some time even products that are past the original 1 year warranty have been replaced as long as the product itself failed and wasn’t cooked by the host computer or ‘modified (see #Brroken) by the user.

So anyways from now, the majority of TFW8b.com products will have a lifetime warranty :D


The lifetime warranty works like this:

Website purchased products only! If you bought via EBAY, you get the standard warranty for each product as listed on EBAY not tfw8b.com

Replacement items only. If TFW8b no longer makes a similar product that’s it, the lifetime will end once a product goes out of production

If a product is not replaceable, but still within its standard warranty a store credit will be offered.

Physical damage/modification voids all warranty, including standard 1yr. Goods damaged by host device/PSU are also not covered.

No Cash refunds, replacement goods / store credits only.

Warranty is NON transferable – Original purchaser will need to provide proof of purchase (invoice/order number)

Customer pays return postage for replacements after standard warranty runs out.

If your returned item works (I’m looking at you ID9’ers) you will be charged for return postage before the item is returned to you.

Returned 'Imported/exported' goods should be returned as 'Warranty Return' to avoid import fees. Any customs fees will be payable by the customer.

Current Product warranties: (Updated 06/09/17) tfw8b reserves the right to change warranty without notice.


C64p - 6 Month Warranty
divMMC Future v1.2/1.3 - 1 Year Standard Warranty
External 3 Button SD2IEC - 1 Year Standard Warranty + Lifetime
Fastload - 1 Year Standard Warranty + Lifetime
Internal SD2IEC / Brix SD2IEC - 3 Months Warranty
Penultimate+ Cartridge - 1 Year Standard Warranty + Lifetime
PET ROM/RAM - 1 Year Standard Warranty + Lifetime
SD2PET - 1 Year Standard Warranty + Lifetime

TFW8b PSU’s - 1 Year Standard Warranty

Unfortunately EPROMS / ICs / Switches & Pens are not covered by any tfw8b warranty unless otherwise stated
Physical damage / modification of tfw8b products void warranty. Products damaged by host device/PSU will also void warranty
In these cases tfw8b reserves the right to refuse and/or charge for repair.

If you need support for a TFW8b.com device. Please use the Contact Form